George Pentheroudakis

University of Ioannina, Greece 0000-0002-6632-2462

George Pentheroudakis was born in 1967 in Thessaloniki, Greece. He graduated from the School of Medicine of the University of Thessaloniki, Greece in 1991, where he later qualified as a Specialist in internal medicine in 1999. He trained in medical oncology at the Beatson Oncology Centre, Glasgow, UK, and he is a holder of a National Training Number (WOS/AD/005N) from 1/3/1999 until 1/5/2002. He worked as a Specialist of medical oncology in Greece in June 2002. Since 2003, he is working as a Consultant at the Deptartment of Medical Oncology at the Ioannina University Hospital, Greece. In addition, he successfully completed his Ph.D. thesis and became an Honorary Lecturer (November 2006–September 2008). His main interests and areas of expertise lie in the fields of GI cancer, cancer of unknown primary, cancer and pregnancy, adolescent/young adult oncology, and phase I/pharmacokinetic studies of investigational agents. Pentheroudakis authored more than 50 research papers published in peer-reviewed medical journals and a Full Member of ESMO and ASCO. He is a Member of the ESMO CUP, Neuroendocrine Tumour Faculty and of the ESMO Adolescent Oncology Faculty and currently a Coordinator assisting in the function of the ESMO Clinical Recommendations Working Group.

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