Antonio Simone Laganà

Department of Gynaecological and Obstetrical Sciences and Reproductive Medicine, University of Messina, Italy 0000-0003-1543-2802

- In 2009, he was selected among the top 6 best students of his faculty of medicine and surgery, and has won a grant to attend an internship for two months at the Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, Virginia - USA). So, during August and September 2009 he attended the Department of Interventional Radiology of the Virginia Commonwealth University, where he studied technique of uterine fibroids chemioembolization, under the supervision of Dr. Uma Prasad. - He developed his thesis on “Pelvic endometriosis: diagnosis and laparoscopic therapy”, and earned degree in medicine and surgery during the academic year 2009/2010, with the final score of 110/110.. - During August 2010, after his graduation, he was selected for a study grant to attend the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the “Klinicky Centar” (Belgrade – Serbia) for a professional stage under the supervision of dr. Milan Terzic. - In June 2011 he became Resident Medical Doctor of the Department of Gynecological and Obstetric Sciences and Reproductive Medicine, University of Messina – Italy. - From 2012-2013 he was accepted as “In-Training Member” of the Society for Gynecologic Investigation (President and Mentor Prof. Serdar Bulun). - From 2012 he started a collaboration with the Giorgio Pardi Foundation’s professional research team (Milan – Italy), working on information campaign about nutrition and pregnancy ( - From 2013 he was accepted as Member of the Italian Society of Perinatal Medicine (President Prof. G.P Donzelli). - Now he is attending a 2nd level Master of “gynaecological minimally invasive and robotic surgery”, under the supervision of Prof. Vito Cela (University of Pisa). - Currently, he is developing a research program on Endometriosis (focused on the immunological and clinical points of view) and on Immunology of Reproduction.

Biography Updated on 23 June 2013

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