Runkun Sun

Rutgers University, USA 0000-0001-8564-5147

Runkun Sun, Ph.D. (Chemistry) Professional Skills Organic synthesis, Polymer synthesis and characterization, Perylene derivatives, Perylene oligomers and polymers, Porphyrin, Solar cell, Methodology proposal, ATRP polymerization 1D-NMR, 31P-NMR, GPC, TGA, DSC, FT-IR, GC/MS, MALDI-TOF, ESI-MS, HPLC, etc. My research covers three major areas: 1. Photovoltaic materials and organic semiconductor photovoltaic materials, solar cell, synthesis and characterization of perylenediimide (PDI) derivatives, Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC), synthesis and characterization of bipyridine derivatives 2. Lignin modification and characterization Lignin modification and characterization, fractionation of lignin, renewable bioresource energy, study of lignin’s antioxidant property. 3. Polymer and oligomer synthesis and characterization synthesis & Characterization of Poly(arylene ether sulfone) (Udel), ATRP polymerization, SNAr polymerization, acyclic diene metathesis (ADMET) polymerization, thermal stable polymer, thermal stable lignin polymer etc.

Biography Updated on 13 May 2015