Bodil Ivarsson

University of Lund, Sweden 0000-0002-5647-3929

Bodil Ivarsson works half his time as a Researcher at the Department of Cardiothoracic surgery, University of Lund and the other half as a Research coordinator at Skåne University Hospital, Sweden. In 2005 she defended her doctoral dissertation "Waiting for heart surgery". So far, the studies have mainly focused on both the care of chronically and critically ill patients and their next of kin, and her main research area is mostly cardiovascular disease (information, education ,and reception). Patients with cardiovascular disease receive care from several different health care providers; the information and reception of these patients are sometimes varied, incomplete, and not always well-synchronized. Our research has highlighted a need for a better understanding of the factors that influence cardiovascular patient’s information requirements, as well as patient information, in different areas of the health care organization. Ongoing work focuses on information about risk of different types of complications in connection with cardiac surgery, information regarding sexuality after myocardial infarction, and information and support before and after heart and/or lung transplantation. The research is performed with both qualitative and quantitative methods. Ivarsson is a member of a national research group working on a multi-centred study designed to develop an instrument for investigating “sexual life and married life in men and women suffering a first suspected myocardial infarction”. Ivarsson is also a part of a research group working with patient group education. Ivarsson is also co-supervisor at two doctoral students.

Biography Updated on 1 December 2010

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