Maurizio D'Esposito

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy

Maurizio D’Esposito is born in Naples, Italy. He received his degree in biological sciences, magna cum laude, at University Federico II di Napoli under the supervision of Professor Edoardo Boncinelli. From 1990 to 1998, he worked as a Researcher (tenure track) at the International Institute of Genetics and Biophysics (IIGB), CNR, Naples, Italy, working under the supervision of Professor Michele D’Urso. During this period, he spent two years at Washington University School of Medicine, USA, under the supervision of Professor D. Schlessinger. In 1998, he was a Group Leader and from 2001, he became an Associate Professor at IGB “A. Buzzati Traverso,” CNR, Naples, Italy. He is currently a Member of the European Advisory Board on Rett Syndrome. From 2009, he is the Coordinator of the UE Initial Training Network on chromatin diseases. Dr. D’Esposito focuses on the transcriptional regulation of eukaryotic genes. Important milestones reached have been the characterization of the mechanisms of maintenance of X inactivation in man, analyzing as model system the second human pseudoautosomal region and the definition of its regulation by epigenetic mechanisms. Then, he moved to the characterization of human diseases affecting methylation (Rett syndrome, ICF syndrome, and hyperhomocysteinemia) and the analysis of their molecular alterations. He participated in the earlier phases of the RTT gene cloning, by physically mapping MECP2 gene in YAC contigs of human Xq28. Noticeable contributions are also the elucidation of the complex relationships between DNA methylation and histone code and chromosome territory. He published 75 peer-reviewed articles in international journals, with an H index of 27.

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