Jia-Xu Chen

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, China

Jia-Xu Chen, M.D., Ph.D. Professor. School of Pre-clinic Medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM) No.11, Northeast Road of the Third Ring, Chaoyang District Beijing, P. R. China, Post Code: 100029 Email: chenjx@bucm.edu.cn, chenjiaxu@hotmail.com Education: 1994-97 M.D., Ph.D., Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Diagnostics, BUCM 1990-93 M.S., TCM Diagnostics, BUCM 1983-88 B.S., TCM, Hubei College of TCM Postdoctoral Training: 2004-05 Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institution at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, University of California Los Angeles, School of Medicine Research Activities Major fields focused on: Study on standardization of symptoms and syndromes in TCM, and study on pulse diagnostic method with modern science and technology in TCM. Study on effects of Chinese formula Xiaoyaosan main ingredients on prevention and treatment of diseases related to the chronic stress, based on clinical and experimental evidence. Xiaoyaosan main ingredients regulate of hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axon function, particularly the role on changes of behavior (study and memory, depression), hippocampus synapse plasticity (NMDA and AMPA), brain derived neurotrophin factor, induced by chronic stress. Research Funding and Support: Current Funding: 1. China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists (No. 30825046). JX.Chen, PI, ¥2,000,000, Funded through 1/1/2009-12/30/2012. 2. Hi-Tech Research and Development Program of China (No. 2008AA02Z406). JX. Chen, PI, ¥970,000, Funded through 1/1/2008-12/30/2011. Title of Grant: Study on the standardization of syndrome differentiation (TCM) and comprehensive evaluation of sub-health condition. Prof. Chen has been published more than 200 papers.

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