Simona Binetti

Dipartimento di Scienza Dei Materiali;L-NESS;Universit` di Milano-Bicocca, Italy 0000-0002-8605-3896

S. Binetti was born in 1967. She graduated in physics at Milano University, Milan, Italy, in 1991, and she obtained the M.S. degree in material science in 1994 cum laude and the Ph.D. degree in chemistry in 1998. Since 1999, she is an Assistant Professor in physical chemistry at the University of Milano-Bicocca. She is a Member of the scientific and executive committee of the Milano-Bicocca Solar Energy Research Center. Since 2001, she has been teaching different chemical physics courses. Her research activity, carried out at the Department of Material Science of University of Milano-Bicocca, is devoted to the study of the effect of defects on electrical and optical properties of elementary semiconductor (Silicon) and composed (Silicon Carbide and Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide CIGS alloy). In this context, she developed original research activities in the field of the role of defects on the optoelectrical properties of silicon for photovoltaic application, on optical emission associated to dislocations and oxygen precipitates in silicon, and on the epitaxial growth of Er-doped silicon for photonic application. In 2008, a new activity devoted to the growth and characterization of Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide films for PV application on steel and glass substrate has been started. Since 1990, she has been involved in many European renewable energy projects and in several national projects. She has been responsible of a European Renewable Project “FOXY” (2006–2009) and of different research contracts with private companies. She is coauthor of more than 90 scientific publications on international journals, more than 30 publications on conference proceedings (mainly PV conferences), 2 book chapters, and 2 patents. She had many oral presentations (10 invited talks in the last 5 years). She acts as a referee for several scientific journals, and she has been an Evaluator and Project Reviewer for European Research Council Agency (ERC) for FP7.

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