Lin Xu

The Chinese Academy of Sciences, China 0000-0002-2710-3507

Dr. Lin Xu is interested in the studies of stress-related neuropsychiatric disorders and Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Using the rodent and tree shrew models of depression, addiction, PTSD and AD, pharmacological tools, PET/CT, optogenetic and virus tracing techniques, microelectrode array and fEPSP recordings in freely moving animals, Dr. Xu’s laboratory is trying to address how memory is stored and retrieved by the hippocampus, and how abnormality of memory mechanisms contribute to neuropsychiatric disorders and AD. He is the chief scientist for 973 program “Function and Mechanism of Forgetting” and Project II “Functional Connectivity Maps of Learning and Memory and AD” in the B-class Priority Program of “Brain Functional Connectivity Maps” from CAS. The novel drugs KMBZ009 for the treatment of AD and CXZ123 for the treatment of depression for which Dr. Xu’s laboratory performed the preclinical pharmacological studies and the action of drug mechanism studies are both currently under clinical trial phase II.

Biography Updated on 30 May 2016

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