Mihai V. Putz

West University Timisoara, Romania

Mihai V. V. Putz received the laureate in physics, M.S. degree in spectroscopy, and Ph.D. degree in chemistry, with two postdoctorate, one in chemistry and other in physics. He is currently an Associate Professor of theoretical and computational Physical chemistry at Chemistry Department of West University of Timisoara, Romania. As a Visiting Scientist, he has spent extended periods of time at Free University of Berlin, Germany, and University of Calabria, Italy. He has made valuable contributions in computational, quantum, and physical chemistry throughout seminal works appeared at Physical Review (published by American Physical Society), Journal of Physical Chemistry (published by American Chemical Society), Theoretical Accounts in Chemistry (published by Springer), Journal of Computational Chemistry, International Journal of Quantum Chemistry (published by Wiley), Journal of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (published by World Scientific), and International Journal of Molecular Sciences (published by Molecular Diversity Preservation International). He is actively promoting of a new method of defining electronegativity, DFE (Density Functional Electronegativity), among new enzymic kinetics (Logistic Enzyme Kinetics), and of new structure-activity relationship (Spectral-SAR) model for a unitary quantum approach of the chemical reactivity targeting the bio- and ecological analytical description. Recently, he was engaged also as guest editor in the field of quantum bonding to produce the volume Advances in Quantum Chemical Bonding Structures at Research Signpost, Kerala-India (http://www.trnres.com/putz.htm), as well as the Special Issue Chemical Bond and Bonding of International Journal of Molecular Sciences (http://www.mdpi.org/ijms).

Biography Updated on 4 September 2007

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