Alexander Pisarchik

Centro de Investigaciones en Optica, Mexico

User Biography : Prof Alexander Pisarchik Research professor and head of Dynamics Group at Center for Research Optics in Leon, Mexico. Graduated from Physics Department of the Belarus State University in 1976, he obtained his PhD in Physics and Mathematics in 1990 from Institute of Physics of the Belarus Academy of Science. In 1989-1992 he served as Vice-Director of Molecular Kinetics Laboratory at the Institute of Physics. The main topic of his research is chaos theory and synchronization of dynamical systems with applications to optics, electronics, biology and midicine, multistability, chaotic communication, and chaotic cryptography. Prof. Pisarchik is associate editor of Nonlinear Science Letters B: Chaos, Fractal and Synchronization, International Journal of Communications and International Journal of Biology and Biomedical Engineering, and editorial board member of Open Electrical and Electronic Engineering Journal and International Journal of Discontinuity, Nonlinearity and Complexity, member of several national and international scientific societies and committees. He edited the book “Recent Advances in Laser Dynamics: Control and Synchronization” and was invited editor of several special volumes of scientific journals and conference proceedings. In 2009-2011 he has served as a member of Evaluation Commission of the National System of Researchers of the National Council for Science and Technology. He has been honored with several awards including the First Prize from the Belarus Academy of Science and the Second Prize from the Institute of Physics for his studies on Nonlinear Dynamics of Complex Systems. In 2005 he organized the international conference on Control and Synchronization of Dynamical Systems in Leon, Mexico, and was chair of four international conferences. The results of his research have been published in more than 300 scientific works, including 110 articles in peer-reviewed journals, 5 chapters in books, and 5 patents, directed 20 research projects and supervised 7 PhD students.

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