Michael A. Urynowicz

University of Wyoming, USA

Michael Urynowicz received his B.S. degree in chemical engineering from Michigan State University, Mich, USA, his M.S. degree in civil & environmental engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Wis, USA, and his Ph.D. degree in environmental science & engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, Colo, USA. Dr. Urynowicz is a Professor of environmental engineering within the Department of Civil &#x26 and architectural engineering at the University of Wyoming, Director of the Center for Biogenic Natural Gas Research, and a Licensed Professional Engineer. He is also Cofounder and President of Wyoming‐based EnWyo, LLC, a technology start‐up company at the University of Wyoming, Wyo, USA. Prior to joining the faculty at the University of Wyoming, Wyo, USA, he worked in the manufacturing industry and as an Environmental Consultant. He was also the Founder, Managing Director, and Principal Engineer at Envirox LLC, an environmental company specializing in the remediation of complex hazardous waste sites. During his career, Dr. Urynowicz has been involved in a wide range of researches related to secondary biogenic natural gas, in situ chemical oxidation, natural oxidant demand, solid waste management, and remediation of contaminated sites. He has published numerous technical papers and reports and has given invited lectures across the United States and abroad.

Biography Updated on 5 August 2014

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