Diego Caratelli

Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands 0000-0003-2454-2632

Diego Caratelli, who is currently a Member of the Italian Electromagnetic Society (SIEm), received both the Laurea (summa cum laude) and Ph.D. degrees in electronic engineering from the Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy, in 2000 and 2004, respectively. In 2005, he served as Contract Researcher at the Electronic Engineering Department of the same university, where he was involved in research activities related to the design and analysis of wideband antennas for wireless communication systems. In 2007-2008, he served as Contract Professor of Interdisciplinary Laboratory III (microwave class). In 2007, he worked as Postdoc Scientific Researcher at the International Research Centre for Telecommunications and Radar (IRCTR) of Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, where he is currently involved in the design, realization, and experimental verification of UWB antennas for ground-penetrating radar applications. His main research activities include the design and analysis of printed microwave and millimeter-wave passive devices and antennas for satellite, cellular, WLAN, and GPR applications, in addition to the development of analytically based numerical techniques devoted to the modeling of electromagnetic field propagation processes in complex environments and devoted to the analysis of EMC/EMI problems in sensitive electronic equipment.

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