Thierry Aubin

Université Paris-Sud, France

Thierry Aubin was born on December 25, 1953, at Longeville-les Metz, France. He is serving as the Director of the Communications Acoustiques Team (5 permanent researchers, 1 ingenior) within the CNRS UMR 8195, University Paris-Sud, France, and as a Director of Research CNRS. Aubin obtained his Ph.D. degree in 1981 from the University of Besançon. He has 85 publications in international scientific papers, 1 patent, and 1 book. Aubin has directed 17 Ph.D. dissertations (2 in physics, 15 in biology) and 23 M.S. theses. His research area includes adaptation of acoustic communication systems to constraining environments (noise, absorption, and long range), biological models: forest and seabirds, penguins, and seals; acoustic communication networks, biological models: songbirds; importance of acoustic signals in the establishment of specific barriers and in the hybridization phenomenon, biological models: drosophila, cicada, partridges, shearwaters, and songbirds. Since 1997, he has been serving as an Elected Member on the Council of Institute of Cellular and Integrative Animal biology (IBAIC), University Paris-Sud. Since 2004, Aubin has been serving as the Chair of the Social Behaviour and Communication Section in the Research Group in ethology, CNRS. Currently, he is serving as the President of the Group Bioacoustique at the Societé Française d’Acoustique (S.F.A.).

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