Bohdan Schneider

Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic 0000-0001-7855-3690

Bohdan Schneider (1957) received his M.S. degree at the Prague Institute of Chemical Technology in 1982 and his Ph.D. degree from the Czech Academy of Sciences in 1989 (crystallography, drug design). For a postdoctoral stay, he joined Professor Helen Berman at Rutgers University (1990-1992), where he worked on oligonucleotide crystallography and bioinformatics of nucleic acids (solvation, design of the NDB). After returning to Prague, Schneider continued in research of DNA structure, dynamics, and mainly solvation. During his second stay at Rutgers with Professor Berman in years 1998–2000, he worked on design and maintenance of structural databases PDB and NDB. Currently, Schneider works at the Institute of Biotechnology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, where he studies nucleic acid structure and dynamics, protein-DNA and protein-protein recognition, and is responsible for developing a research program “Structural biology and protein engineering” at the center BIOCEV ( that is being established with help from the European regional funds. Schneider’s main scientific contribution is description of structural features of RNA [Nucl. Acids Res. 32, 1666 (2004), RNA 14, 465 (2008)] and of DNA [Nucl. Acids Res. 36, 3690 (2008)] at the dinucleotide level. His earlier work dealt mainly with DNA solvation [Biophys. J. 69, 2661 (1995) and 75, 2422 (1998)]. Since 1990, he has been involved in crystallographic projects solving structures of nucleic acids and proteins. For many years, Schneider devoted a substantial part of his time to service to the scientific community as a Coauthor of the NDB [Nucleic Acid Database, Acta Cryst. D58, 889 (2002)] and also as a long-time collaborator of the PDB where he is a co-author of its currently used deposition system [Acta Cryst. D58, 899 (2002), PLOS Comput. Biol. 2, 1186 (2006)]. He has published over 50 papers in peer-reviewed journals that have attracted over two thousand citations and has an H-index of 19.

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