Saulo Luís da Silva

Federal University of São João del Rey, Brazil 0000-0002-7029-2016

Saulo Luís da Silva was born in Campinas (São Paulo/Brazil) and in 2003 he obtained his PhD degrees in Functional and Molecular Biology (Biochemistry) at the Campinas State University (Campinas/Brasil). He was full time professor at the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM/Manaus). Actually he is full time professor and research at the Federal University São João Del Rei where is leader of de Protein Chemistry Research Group and trained MsC and PhD students of the Postgraduate programs of the Biotechnology and Health Scienes. Da Silva, S.L. is researcher in Research and Productivity Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Brazil (2008) His research is focuses in isolation, synthesis, and determination of structure of peptides and proteins from animal toxins. Prof. Da Silva has published more than 52 peer-reviewed primary research and review articles in high-impact international journals about proteins e peptides from animal toxins.

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