Kuang R. Chung

University of Florida, USA 0000-0002-2640-2951

Dr. Kuang-Ren Chung is an Associate Professor of Plant Pathology at the University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS), Citrus Research and Education Center-Lake Alfred. He has authored over 130 reports in scientific journals, extension fact sheets, trade magazines, and book chapters. Dr. Chung’s research centers on the understanding molecular and genetic mechanisms involved in fungal pathogenicity or virulence. Current projects are aimed at the investigation of the signaling pathways leading to ROS detoxification, cellular resistance to osmotic stress and multidrug, fungicide sensitivity, spore formation, iron acquisition and pathogenicity of the tangerine pathotype of Alternaria alternata. Research is also concentrated on the investigation of the biosynthetic gene clusters and pathogenicity roles of cercosporin and elsinochrome toxins produced by Cercospora nicotianae and Esinoë fawcettii, respectively. Dr. Chung has received awards of American Society for Microbiology for Outstanding Service as a Charter Mentor of the American Society Microbiology Minority Mentoring Program 2006 and the American Society for Horticultural Science for Outstanding Cross Commodity Publication in 2004.

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