Pietro Russo

Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy 0000-0001-6123-815X

Dr. Russo Pietro graduated with laude in Chemical Engineering at the University of Salerno, on 10/06/1991, discussing an experimental thesis focused on improving the processability of high molecular weight nylons by additions of appropriate amounts of thermotropic liquid crystals. Immediately after graduation, he continued to work until March 1995 with the Department of Chemical Engineering and Food of Salerno with the help of small fixed-term contracts. From 1 April 1995 to 30 March 1997 he got an ENICHEM award for the training of qualified researchers within the National Research Plan Theme 4 "Development of applications of self reinforcing high performance polymer alloys”. Later his work was held with the support of fixed-term contracts at the Institute for Research and Technology of Plastic Materials (IRTeMP) of the National Research Council (CNR), mainly dealing with: ? studying of curing kinetics of epoxy matrices for the implementation of structural composites; ? development of film technology for neat and recycled polyolefin compounds; ? recycling of thermoplastic alloys used in the automotive industry. From 16 November 1998 to 21 January 2001 he had a CNR contract. During this period he continued to work on mechanical recycling of plastics but also focusing his attention on modeling the kinetics of cure of tetrafunctional epoxy resins and toughening of unsaturated polyester resins with reactive liquid rubbers by the use of suitable block copolymers synthesized ad hoc. From January 22, 2001, he has a permanent contract as Researcher of the CNR at the Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers (ICTP) ex IRTeMP. Dr. Russo is co-author of 30 publications in refereed international journals, 11 publications in journals without referees, 3 publications in national journals and more than 100 communications mainly submitted to international conferences.

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