Jörgen Rosenqvist

University of Gothenburg, Sweden 0000-0002-4371-6629

I’m a chemist interested in the complex interactions between fluids and solids. Most of my work falls broadly within the field of environmental geochemistry, a field that I mainly try to understand and describe by studying the structure and dynamics of the mineral-water interface. To this end I have used a host of different experimental techniques to obtain information on both the molecular level and the macroscopic level. I also frequently collaborate with experts in molecular modelling. These are some of the questions I have worked on: - Surface charging of various minerals (Al2O3, TiO2, SnO2, SiO2, kaolinite) - Adsorption of metals and low molecular weight organics on mineral surfaces - Structure and dynamics of the water layer(s) closest to a mineral surface - Dissolution kinetics of various minerals (Al2O3, feldspars) - Reactivity of nanoparticles in natural waters - Changes in rock porosity/permeability due to dissolution or precipitation reactions In addition to the experimental work, I also do a fair bit of geochemical modelling, ranging from standard use of commercially available program packages to development of new surface complexation models.

Biography Updated on 4 May 2015

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