Jörgen Rosenqvist

University of Gothenburg, Sweden 0000-0002-4371-6629

In my research I study the interactions between minerals and (aqueous) fluids, with an emphasis on understanding the structure and dynamics of the interfacial region. To this end I have used a host of different techniques to obtain information on both the molecular level and the macroscopic level. I’m also interested in developing surface complexation models that are consistent with data on both levels. Currently I’m affiliated with Carbon Research into Underground Storage (CRIUS), a NERC funded consortium concerned with predicting the fate of CO2 in geological reservoirs. Within this framework we strive to understand the fate of CO2 after injection into storage reservoirs, in particular to evaluate the extent to which it will dissolve into formation waters (solubility trapping) or precipitate as minerals (mineral trapping). We perform laboratory experiments to determine the extent and the rate of reactions between reservoir minerals and formation fluids and compare the obtained results to results from theoretical calculations.

Biography Updated on 15 April 2015

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