J. C. Dauvin

Université Lille 1, France

Jean-Claude Dauvin is professor at the University of Sciences and Technology of Lille (USTL) Marine Wimereux Station. He works at the Laboratory of Oceanography and Geosciences associated with the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS). He was the Director of the Marine Station and the CNRS laboratory from 1997 to 2005. He obtained his PhD degree in Marine Environment at the University Paris VI in 1984 on the impact of the Amoco Cadiz oil spill on the macrobenthic communities from the western English Channel. He was during 10 years a researcher at the CNRS at Roscoff (Bronze Medal in 1984), and during seven years a professor at the Paris National History Museum. He works benthic and suprabenthic marine coastal and estuarine ecosystems, on the following topics : inventory of marine invertebrates; benthic indicators for coastal and transitional water bodies; long term survey, production and role of benthos in the trophic web; knowledge and conservation of marine ecosystems; Integrated Coastal Zone Management (interdisciplinary approach with geographers, jurists, ecologists…). He also works on the taxonomy of amphipods (ampeliscidae) and polychaetes and the inventory of marine invertebrates. He has participated to several research French and European programmes on coastal Ecosystem (COST, MAST and INTERREG) programmes. He was or is member of several scientific committees at the CNRS, IFREMER, Environment Ministry, Research Ministry and French Research Agency. Director (2004-2006) of the regional Seine-Aval programme (160 participants from 40 teams). He was the editor of three books on Marine coastal communities, the place of the Natural Heritage in Integrated Coastal Zone Management and the North-Atlantic estuaries and has published more than 300 publications including of ca 125 international peer reviewed papers. He is also the member of the Editorial Board of Marine Pollution Bulletin and Cahiers de Biologie Marine.

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