Yolanda Moliner Martínez

University of Valencia, Spain 0000-0003-4643-4245

Yolanda Moliner studied Chemistry at the University of Valencia. She obtained her BSc degree in 2001 and continued on to do her PhD at the department of Analytical Chemistry, University of Valencia. She obtained her PhD degree in 2005 with European mention. She continued her career as a post-doctoral researcher (from 2006-2009) at the University of Córdoba. In 2009, she joined to the department of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Valencia thanks to Juan de la Cierva programme. Since 2013, she is assistant professor at the department of Analytical Chemistry, University of Valencia. In the last years, her research interests lie in the study of new (nano)materials to develop automated sample preparation techniques coupled to miniaturized chromatographic systems (CapLC and nanoLC). Mainly, her investigations are focused on the development of new sorbent phases, based on metallic nanoparticles and carbon nanostructures and other advanced materials, for solid phase microextraction in the environmental, bioanalytical and industrial fields. Recently, another research line is the development of in-situ analysis devices in the area of the environment analysis, bioanalysis and food analysis. She is coauthor of 47 peer reviewed journals, 5 book chapters and two patents and has presented numerous contributions to national and international conferences. She has participated in several regional, national and international research projects and in contracts with companies and/or administrations. Currently, she is a member of the Faculty Committee of the Faculty of Chemistry and member of the Claustro and Teaching Staff Committee of the University of Valencia.

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