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Growth and Applications of Compound Semiconductor Nanowires

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This hot topic issue of advances in condensed matter physics will focus on semiconductor nanowires of III-V and II-VI compounds. Semiconductor nanowires are considered as building blocks for the next generation of electronics, photonics, energy, sensors, and biomedical applications. The field of compound semiconductor nanowires has become one of the most active research areas within the nanoscience community. Due to their unique one-dimensional structure, nanowires offer unique opportunities to control properties of semiconductors such as density of states, transport of electrons, and interaction with photons. Another important advantage of compound semiconductor nanowires is to enable growth of heterostructures of materials with large lattice and thermal mismatch without creating dislocations. This provides an unparalleled flexibility to produce a broad range of structures with a combination of materials for a variety of applications. Potential topics covered in this issue include, but are not limited to:

  • II–VI compound nanowires, III–V compound nanowires
  • Growth, synthesis, fabrication, patterning and assembly of compound semiconductor nanowires
  • Control of size, crystal structure, geometry, shape, position, composition, doping, and heterostructures of compound semiconductor nanowires
  • Electronic, optical, and optoelectronic properties of compound semiconductor nanowires
  • Transistors, sensors, lasers, LEDs, detectors, solar cells, waveguides, optical switches, nonlinear optical devices, and thermoelectric devices of compound semiconductor nanowires
  • Electronics, photonics, plasmonics, energy and sensor applications of compound semiconductor nanowires

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  • Jianye Li, University of Science & Technology Beijing, Beijing, China

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