Table 1: Instrument for interviews with target population and family members.

Questions for target population(1) When you think about problems or concerns that are important in your life right now, which ones are most important? What do you worry about the most?
(2) Did you receive HIV information in prison? Was it helpful?
(3) Tell me about the ways HIV can be transmitted
(4) Tell me how HIV can be prevented
(5) Do you think that prisoners are having sex and injecting drugs, and if so, are they safe?
(6) Do you like condoms? What do you like/not like about condoms
(7) Do you share needles or do you clean needles or get new needles?
(8) What has been your experience with methadone?
(9) What type of intervention would work best (individual or group)?
(10) How long should each session last?
(11) Is your family aware of your HIV status?
(12) Is it good to involve your family in an intervention before your release?
(13) What can or cannot be discussed with family present?

Questions for family members(1) Do you worry a lot about your family member being HIV+? What is it about them being HIV+ that worries you? Did you learn about it (HIV status) directly from your family member or from someone else?
(2) Do you have any fears or concerns about HIV being transmitted to anyone in your family just by living in the same house or having meals together?
(3) Do you take any special precautions when your family member is around to keep HIV from being transmitted?
(4) Did you or other members of your family go to visit your family member while s/he was in prison? Did you place any conditions on whether s/he could come to live with you upon release?
(5) What do you think causes someone to use drugs?
(6) What do you tell your family member in order to get him/her to stop using drugs? Has it ever worked?
(7) How do you think families help or hinder a person from stopping using drugs?
(8) What do you think about methadone or buprenorphine? What are the positive things about it and what are the negative things?
(9) Do you think that programs for HIV education are helpful? What would be the most helpful?