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Biology of Lung Cell Apoptosis and Tissue Remodeling in Vascular Lung Diseases

Call for Papers

Lung cell apoptosis and tissue remodeling have critical roles in many lung diseases. Lung tissue remodeling due to abnormal proliferation or resistance to apoptosis of lung cells will lead to structural changes in many lung tissues, including the pulmonary vascular wall, small airways, and lung parenchyma. Pulmonary vascular cell apoptosis and tissue remodeling may cause many lung diseases, including pulmonary arterial hypertension and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Recent advances in biology and medicine have provided new insight into the underlying etiology and have resulted in new therapeutic strategies for tissue remodeling in human and animal models.

We invite investigators to contribute original research articles as well as review articles that will seek to understand the molecular pathology underlying pulmonary vascular cell apoptosis and tissue remodeling, the development of strategies to treat these conditions, and the evaluation of genetic or epidemiologic studies in humans and also animal models. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Recent developments in vascular remodeling in pulmonary arterial hypertension and COPD
  • Role of hypoxia in pulmonary vascular remodeling and right heart remodeling
  • Interactions in and around the lung vasculature between different cell types (endothelial, mesenchymal, epithelial, and immune cells)
  • Effects of epigenetics/DNA damage on lung vascular cells
  • Latest technologies for diagnosis or evaluation of tissue remodeling in human and animal models
  • Molecular mechanisms of lung tissue remodeling using animal models, especially the role of apoptosis in pulmonary vascular remodeling, right heart remodeling, and COPD associated vascular cell apoptosis
  • Personalized therapy of pulmonary vascular disease and COPD based on new insights in patient phenotypes and genotypes
  • Recent therapeutic advances in diseases associated with vascular lung tissue remodeling

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Manuscript DueFriday, 22 August 2014
First Round of ReviewsFriday, 14 November 2014
Publication DateFriday, 9 January 2015

Lead Guest Editor

  • Shiro Mizuno, Division of Respiratory Medicine, Kanazawa Medical University, Ishikawa, Japan

Guest Editors

  • Harm J. Bogaard, Department of Pulmonary Medicine, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Baktybek Kojonazarov, Universities of Giessen & Marburg Lung Center (UGMLC), Excellence Cluster Cardio-Pulmonary System (ECCPS), Giessen, Germany