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Medical and Health Data Analysis in the Age of Big Data

Call for Papers

Huge amounts of data (e.g., electronic patient records) are generated in hospitals and healthcare organizations every day. The "big data" phenomena happen in other domains as well, such as science, engineering, finance, and business. In recent years, big data has become a ubiquitous term and also a new research direction in many institutes. Besides the obvious scalability issues, heterogeneities from different resources are major challenges for big data analysis and data mining. Some of the most important research problems exist in medical and health data analysis and data mining. The emerging availability of big data in medicine and healthcare provides a unique opportunity for computer scientists and biomedical informaticians to contribute to advancing medicine and healthcare. The design, evaluation, and application of novel computational and mathematical methods that explore big data will generate analytical results, patterns, and knowledge at both patient and population levels. We solicit high quality, original research papers on medical and health data analysis in the age of big data. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Large-scale data management issues
  • Big medical data analysis tools: visualization, interface, and design
  • Big medical data mining and text mining
  • Biomedical imaging annotation and data analysis
  • Comparative effectiveness and personalized treatment research
  • Large-scale recommendation systems in medicine and healthcare
  • Postmarket surveillance of medical interventions and biosurveillance
  • Clinical decision support and recommendation systems
  • Disease models, progression, and longitudinal data
  • Hypothesis generation and testing from observational data
  • Social and other network-based analyses for health
  • Scalable link and graph mining in medicine and healthcare
  • Scalable data integration in medicine and healthcare
  • Semantic data mining in medicine and healthcare
  • Privacy and security issues for data mining in medicine and healthcare
  • Data protection and other deontological issues in medical data management
  • Big data management and policy in medicine and healthcare

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Publication DateFriday, 5 September 2014

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