Table 1: Terminology of the so-called calcifying odontogenic cyst [13].

Gorlin et al. 1962Calcifying odontogenic cyst

Gold 1963Keratinizing calcifying odontogenic cyst (KCOC)

Fejerskov and Krogh 1972Calcifying ghost cell odontogenic tumor (CGCOT)

Freedman et al. 1975Cystic calcifying odontogenic tumor (COCT)

Praetorius et al. 1981Dentinogenic ghost cell tumor (DGCT)*

Ellis and Shmookler 1986Epithelial odontogenic ghost cell tumor (EOGCT)*

Colmenero et al. 1990Odontogenic ghost cell tumor (OGCT)*

*These terms are used restrictedly for the solid neoplastic variant of CGOC.