Table 1: All reported cases of pure cortical supratentorial ependymomas.

SeriesCasesPresentationTreatmentFollowup (months) Grade

Nakamizo et al., [5]1SeizureS + RT6II
Davis et al., [2]1SeizuresS + RT12III
Alexiou et al., [6]1Headache, seizuresS + RT?III
Hamano et al., [7]1HeadacheS + RT18III
Yadav et al., [8]1Hemiparesis, seizuresS20II
Ghani et al., [9]1Seizures, hemiparesisS + RT36II
Roncaroli et al., [10]3SeizuresS48II
Saito et al., [11]1SeizuresS + RT14II
Ono et al., [12]1Seizures, headacheS + RT18II
Ehtesham et al., [3]1SeizuresS12II
Lehman et al., [13]1SeizuresS5II
Akyuz et al., [14]1Seizures, hemiparesisS + RT6III
Goodkin et al., [15]1SeizuresS?II
Present case1Seizures, hemiparesis, and aphasiaS + RT60III

Legend: S: surgery, RT: radiotherapy.