Table 1: Tumour markers and hormonal levels.

AnalyteValueNormal range

Tumour markers values

CA 125 (cancer antigen 125)21,84 UI/mL0–33 UI/mL
CA 19.9 (cancer antigen 19.9)8,25 UI/mL0–40 UI/mL
CEA (carcinoembryonic antigen)0,46 ug/mLNonsmoker (as was the patient): 0–3 ug/mL.
AFP (alpha-fetoprotein)0,97 ng/mL0–7,5 ng/mL

Hormonal levels

FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) 4.46 mIU/mLFollicular phase (as was the patient): 3,5–12,5 mIU/mL
LH (luteinizing hormone)3.04 mIU/mLFollicular phase (as was the patient): 2,4–12,6 mIU/mL
E2 (17 β estradiol)227 pg/mLFollicular phase (as was the patient): 12,5–166 pg/mL
PG (progesterone)0,70 ng/mLFollicular phase (as was the patient): 0,2–1,5 ng/mL
β-HCG (β-human chorionic gonadotropin)Negative