Figure 2: Structure of Atg14. (a) Diagram of yeast Ag14 and human Barkor/Atg14(L). Boxes in gray indicate coiled-coil domains. Bars indicate a position of the conserved cysteine residues. Box in black is the recently found BATS domain containing an amphiphilic helix. Although the BATS domain is not conserved in yeast Atg14, a predicted amphiphilic alpha helix is present within the C-terminal half (white box). (b) The amino acid sequence of the N-terminal motif containing the conserved cysteine residues. The conserved cysteine residues are highlighted. (c) Helical wheel representation of the predicted amphiphilic alpha helix within the C-terminal half of Barkor/Atg14(L) and yeast Atg14. Hydrophobic residues are shown in gray.