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International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks
Volume 5 (2009), Issue 5, Pages 619-643
Original Article

An Enhanced CPA Algorithm for Real-Time Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks

Computer Science and Software Engineering, Auburn University, Auburn, AL, USA

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Real-time tracking of moving targets using wireless sensor networks has been a challenging problem because of the high velocity of the targets and the limited resources of the sensors. CPA (closest point of approach) algorithms are appropriate for tracking fast-moving targets since the tracking error is roughly inversely proportional to the square root of the target velocity. However, this approach requires a specific node configuration with reference to the target trajectory which may not always be possible in randomly deployed sensor networks. Moreover, our mathematical analysis of the original CPA algorithm shows that it suffers from huge localization errors due to inaccuracies in sensor location and measured CPA times. To address these issues, we propose an enhanced CPA (ECPA) algorithm which requires only five sensors around the target to achieve the reliability and efficiency we want for computing the bearing of the target trajectory, the relative position between the sensors and the trajectory, and the velocity of the target. To validate the ECPA algorithm, we designed and implemented this algorithm over an actual data-centric acoustic sensor network as well as simulating it in an NS-2 simulator. The results of our field experiments and simulations show that we can achieve our goals of detecting the target and predicting its location, velocity and direction of travel with reasonable accuracy.