Table 2: Outcomes of different shunt surgeries in EHPVO.

Author (yr)Type of shunt performedNo. of patientsShunt patency (%)Rebleed (%)Encephalopathy (%)Operative mortality (%)Follow up periodSurvival

Mitra et al. (1993) [8]Side-side lienorenal shunt (SSLR)818411NilNil54 months100%
Prasad et al. (1994) [9]Proximal splenorenal shunt (PSRS)160NA11Nil1.9Up to 15 yrs95% at 15 yrs
Orloff et al. (1994) [10]PSRS, SSLR, and mesocaval shunt162982NilNilUp to 35 yrs96% at 10 yr
Rao et al. (2004) [11]SSLR, PSRS2095NilNilNA3–5 yrs95%
Warren et al. (1988) [12]Distal splenorenal shunt259612NilNil60 months96%
Superina et al. (2006) [13]Rex shunt3495NANilNAUp to 7 yrs100%
Sharif et al. (2010) [14]Rex shunt24962NANil5.3–8.8 yrsNA

NA: not available.