Figure 4: Evolution of the reaction profile for I, cis-[Pt(15NH3)2I2] with the DNA duplex R,S-5′-d(ATATGsGTATA)-3′·5′-d(TATACCATAT)-3′ containing a single phosphorothioate substitution, recorded as a function of time based on integration of 2D [1H, 15N] HSQC NMR data acquired at a magnetic field strength of 14.1 T (1H = 600 MHz). Key: blue diamond: cis-[Pt(15NH3)2I2] starting material; red square: cis-[Pt(15NH3)2I(OH2)]+ monoaqua, monoiodo adduct; green triangle: cis-[Pt(15NH3)2I,S]+ monoiodo, mono-phosphorothioate adduct; violet circle: cis-[Pt(15NH3)2S,G6-N7]2+ reaction end product.