Table 3: The incidence of over-education among different subgroups of immigrants (% of each relevant group that is over-educated).

Wave 1Wave 2Wave 3

Marital status
 Not married59.3549.4048.04
Highest level of education
 Some elementary or elementary 2.511.481.79
 Some high school7.013.732.81
 High school graduation20.9719.6616.80
 Some trade or apprenticeship training56.0852.2451.38
 Trade certificate 60.8754.7358.47
 Some college 66.2267.7761.68
 College/CEGEP 76.5677.0975.25
 Some university85.5383.0379.95
 Bachelor's degree90.9289.6282.67
 Master's degree94.3592.9087.09
 Degree in medicine or law 95.7296.6089.52

Source: author’s compilation using data from LSIC. All statistics are population weighted using the LSIC sampling weights.