Figure 3: Epsins-1- and 2-deficient human prostate cells result in retarded tumor growth. (a) Lysates of LNCaP cells treated with either control GFP lentivirus or epsins-1- and 2-shRNA lentivirus were analyzed for epsins 1 and 2 depletion by western blotting. (b) WT or epsins-1- and 2-deficient LNCaP cells (DKD) were injected subcutaneously into SCID mice and LNCaP tumor size measured from days 80 to 100 afte-inoculation. (c) LNCaP tumor incidence. (d) Representative WT or epsins-1- and 2-deficient LNCaP tumors dissected out after 100 days of postinoculation. in a, in (b)–(d). *indicates -value <0.05.