Table 1: Comparison of qualitative clinical and laboratory data between CMA group and other causes.

CMA (30)Others (33)X 2 𝑃

FH of erythema1181.150.2832
FH of atopy11120.00010.9801
Abdominal distension21617.23<0.0001
Atopic features in patients23232.73<0.0001
Presence of ulcers261610.310.0013
Presence of satellites11921.34<0.0001
Presence of anal fissures24332.26<0.000
Presence of macroscopic pus281222.00<0.0001
Presence of macroscopic blood27535.22<0.0001
Microscopic pus cells22815.18<0.0001
Microscopic RBCS28635.73<0.0001
Stool reducing substances1119.170.0025
Pathogenic organisms2139.280.0023