Table 3: Compilation of studies used to estimate boreal vegetation BVOC emission factors for the MEGAN2.1 model [5]. Emission measurement approaches include enclosure (E), canopy micrometeorological (C), and landscape inverse modeling (L) techniques. Compounds include isoprene (Iso), monoterpenes (MT), sesquiterpenes (SQT), and other (Other). PFTs include broadleaf deciduous shrub (BDS), broadleaf deciduous tree (BDT), arctic C3 grass (AC3), needleleaf deciduous tree (NDT), and needleleaf evergreen tree (NET).

Location ScaleCompoundsPFTsReference

Jilin, ChinaCIso, MTBDT, NET[231]
SwedenEIsoAC3[232, 233]
Potted plantEIso, MT, and OtherNET[235]
SK, CanadaCIsoBDT[236]
FinlandCMTBDT, NDT, and NET[237]
FinlandCIso, OtherAC3[238]
FinlandEMT, SQTBDS, BDT[239]
FinlandE, LIso, MT, and SQTBDT[240, 241]
FinlandEMT, SQTNET[242]
Potted plantsEIsoAC3[243]
FinlandEIso, MT, and OtherAC3[244]
Sweden CIso, MT, and OtherAC3[245]
WI, USAE, C, L Iso, MTNDT[81]
Various, RussiaEIso, MT, and OtherBDT, NDT, and NET[82]
SwedenEIsoAC3, NET[248]
SwedenEIso, MT, and OtherAC3, NET[249]
ON, CanadaLIsoBDT, NET[250]
Potted plantsEIso, MTNET[251]
ON, CanadaEIso, MTAC3[252]
Jilin, ChinaEIso, MTAC3, BDS, BDT, NDT, and NET[101]
Potted plantsEMT, SQTNET[253]
SK, CanadaCIsoBET[254]
SwedenE, LMTNET[255]
AL, USACIso, MT, and OtherAC3, BDS[256]
FinlandE, CMTNET[257]
FinlandE, CIso, MTBDT, NET[259]
FinlandCIso, MT, and OtherNET[260]
FinlandEIso, MT, and SQTNDT[261]
FinlandLIso, MTBDT, NET[262]
FinlandEMT, SQTNET[263]
SwedenEIsoAC3[264, 265]
FinlandEMT, SQT, and OtherBDS, BDT[266]
SwedenEMT, SQT, and OtherBDS, BDT[267]
Various, CanadaCIsoAC3, BDS, BDT, and NET[268]