Table 2: Review of natal and neonatal teeth cases reported in the literature.

Sr. numberAuthorSexAgeNumber of teethTeeth position and numberMacroscopic featuresChief symptoms/complaintTreatment

(1) Ruschel H C
et al., 2010 [20]
Male14 days1Maxillary first molar right sideCalcified only at occlusal portion, no mobilityNo complaintExtraction

(2) Deep et al.,
2011 [21]
Female22 days1Mandibular anteriorUlceration over the ventral surface of tongue, no mobility, pain during sucking and feedingGrinding and placement of composite over the teeth

(3) Nandikonda, 2010 [22]Female10 days2MaxillaWhitish opaque in color with a size similar to mandibular anterior region, crown portion was noted without any root structuresCleft palate, causing feeding difficulty to the babyExtraction

(4)Dyment et al., 2005 [23]Female3 days271 and 81The teeth did not appear to be excessively mobileFeeding without difficultyExtraction

(5) Shrestha, 2011 [24]Female infant12 days2Mandible, anterior teethTwo teeth in the lower jaw since birth, whitish opaque in color and exhibiting grade III mobilityMother complaining of pain on suckling and refusal to suck milkExtraction

(6) Chandra, 2011 [25]Male5 days271, 81 mandibular anterior (natal)Mobile, whitish opaqueDiscomfort in feedingExtraction
Female18 days181 (neonatal)Mobile, whitish opaqueDifficulty in breast feedingExtraction
Female7 days181 (natal)Mobile, whitish opaqueDifficulty in breast feedingExtraction

(7)Female gender6 hours2Primary central incisors (71 and 81) withRoot formationTwo injuries cyst (swelling small tissue soft/small nodule diameter 1 mm color translucent white) at the central region of the jaw
Female48 hours2Ulcer on the tongue
Feeding difficulty
Gina et al.,
2008 [26]
Male9 days1Maxillary 51(Small swelling of soft tissue/pellet 1 mm diameter small whitish translucent) at the central region of the mandible
no uncomfortable and fed showed no complication (breastfeeding)
Male 3 months181 incisorsAppearance hypoplastic or hypomineralized (milky white ||)
Mobility grade type II, there was no associated injury
Periodic inspections and recommendations to the mother in relation to the hygiene and eating habits
Female 5 months171 mandibular incisorsExtraction

(8)Marakoglu et al., 2004 [27]MaleStillborn2Two maxillary first incisors

(9)Kaur et al.,
2003 [28]
Male4 months1Ulcer on ventral surface of tongueConservative t/t

(10)Ndiokwelu et al., 2004 [29] Female4 days1Upper and lower teethAssociated with Down syndrome

2003 [30]
2 months271, 81Small root, hypoplastic enamel Tooth mobilityExtraction

(12)Rdos et al.,
2011 [31]
Male11Prosthetic rehabilitation

(13)Agostini et al., 2008 [32]Male4 months271, 81Nodular growth after exfoliation of teeth

(14)Tomaki, et al.,
2005 [33]
Male27 days181Milky white and the other half yellowish brown with incomplete tooth crown-like hard tissueMobile mass with tooth-like hard tissueExtraction

(15)J. Kovac and D. Kovac, 2011 [34]Female5 weeks271, 81HypoplasticExtraction

(16)Sibert and Porteous,
1974 [35]
Female (6)3 days–6 months871, 81Extraction

(17)Bartholin*2 molars

(18)Thomas*8 incisors
1 molar

(19)Bouchet*2 mandibular incisors
1 mandibular molar

(20)Jacobi*1 max molar
1 mandibular molar
2 mandibular incisors

(21)Kaufman*4 mand molars
4 max molars

(22)M lin*2 molars

(23)Oriola*2 mand molars

(24)Allwright*2 mand molars

(25)Bodenhoff*2 inciosrs
4 mand molars
4 max molars (1, 2nd)

(26)Wong*4 inciosrs
2 mand molars
2 max molars (1st)

(27)Soni*1 mand molar (1st)

(28)Tay*1 max molar (2nd)

(29)Bernick*1 max molar (1st)

(30)Ajagebe*1 mand molar (2nd)

(31)Anderson*2 max molars (1st)

(32)Ronk*multiple incisors and molars

(33)Primo et al.,
1995 [36]
Female6 months271, 81Two dental structures in which the incisor borders had no enamel and had exposed dentin. MobilityThe child cried during feeding, indicating pain and bleeding around two erupted teethExtraction

(34)Basavanthappa et al., 2011 [37]Female15 days181Mobile, yellowish color, enamel hypoplasiaDifficulty in sucklingExtraction
Female19 days181Mobile, white colorDifficulty in sucklingExtraction
Male16 days151Mobile, white colorCleft lip and palateExtraction
Female14 days181Mobile, white colorSublingual ulcerationExtraction
Male8 days181Mobile, white colorDifficulty in feeding Extraction
Female18 days171Mobile, white colorRefusal to suck Extraction
Female30 days271, 81Mobile, gingival inflammationRefusal to suck, gingival inflammationExtraction
Male25 days181Mobile, white colorDifficulty in feeding Extraction
Male18 days171Mobile, white colorSublingual ulcerationExtraction
Female17 days171Mobile, white colorRefusal to suck Extraction
Male23 days181Mobile, white colorRefusal to suck Extraction
Female21171Mobile, white colorRefusal to suck Extraction
Male7 days181Mobile, yellowish colorDifficulty in sucklingExtraction
Male20 days181Mobile, white colorDifficulty in feeding Extraction
Female21 days171Mobile, white colorRefusal to suck Extraction

(35) McDonald et al., 2004 [38]Female271, 81Small, opaque, yellow, dysmorphic crownsNo difficulty to mother and childExtraction (at age of 7 years)

(36) Friend et al., 1991 [39]Male2 days1 molar54A pale, globular tooth-like structure on the maxillary left alveolar ridge, rootless, mobileExtraction

(37)Kurian et al., 2007 [40]Female

(38) Taghi and Motamedi, 2009 [41]Male8 months Mandibular incisor Ulceration over ventral surface of tounge, difficulty in feedingGrinding and placment of composite over the teeth

(39)Sogi et al.,
2011 [42]
Female21 days3 maxillary incisors 51, 61, 62MobileDifficulty in feedingExtraction

(40) Venkatesh and Adhisivam, 2011 [43]Female3 months271, 81Yellowish with conical edgesCongenital hyperthyroidism, associated symptoms Extraction

(41)Roshan et al.,
2009 [44]
2251, 61Hyper-IgE syndrome

(42)Veena et al.,
2011 [45]
Female2 weeks271, 81Ellis van Creveld syndromeExfoliated

(43)Rao et al.,
2001 [46]
Female25 days271, 81Whitish opaque in colour, mobility. The crown size was normal with no roots. Hypomineralized Ulcer over ventral surface of tongueExtraction

(44)Anegundi et al., 2002 [47].Female30 days171Mobile, whitish opaque in colourLocalized inflammation, difficulty in feedingExtracted
Female7 days271, 81Mobile, small yellowish brown in colorDifficulty in feedingExtracted
Male10 days274, 84 MobileDifficulty in feedingExtracted
Female5 days271, 81Mobile, small, conical, yellowish brown, opaque teethDifficulty in feeding and refusal to suckExtracted

(45)Singh et al.,
2004 [48]
Male 4 and months1Pedunculated mass in relation to mandibular anterior toothExtraction

(46)Ziai et al.,
2005 [49]
Male4 weeks1 (premaxillary region-RT side)Bilateral Cleft lip and palate, severe feeding difficulties and recurrent bleeding from movement of the loose toothExtraction
5 days1 (premaxillary region-RT side)Difficulty in fabrication of deviceExtraction

(47) Hegde, 2005 [50]Female28 days271, 81 Mobile, whitish in colorUlceration over tongue, difficulty in suckingExtraction

(48)S. Sarkar and S. Sarkar, 2007 [51]Male3 months154RootlessDifficulty in feedingExtraction

(49)Kumar et al.,
2011 [52]
Female3 months354, 64, 65Rootless Early eruption and difficulty in feeding, cryingExraction

(50) Rao and Mathad, 2009 [53]Female2 days271, 81Whitish opaque in color, mobileDifficulty in feeding and refusal to suck, cryingExtraction

(51)Muraleekrishnan et al., 2011 [54]Male271, 81Extraction

(52)Masatomi et al., 1991 [55]Male18 monthsMultipleExtraction

(53)Gonçalves et al., 1998 [56]Male1–6 days12 (multiple)—8 in mandibular anterior region. 2 molars (max/mand)Very little root formationExtraction

(54)Prabhakar et al., 2009 [57] Female (twin)1 month1
MobilityDifficulty in feeding and suckling, and also the mother experienced discomfort feeding themExtraction

(55)Agostini et al., 2008 [58] Male4 months271, 81Nodular growthExfoliated

(56)Dubois et al., 2010 [59]Male6 months271, 81Ulcer over ventral surface of tongueExtraction

(57)Eley et al.,
2010 [60]
Female11 months271, 81Ulceration over tip of tongueExtraction

(58)Samadi et al.,
2011 [61]

(59) Slayton, 2000 [62]Male10 months271, 81Down syndromeSmoothing of the incisal edge

et al., 2010 [63]
Male20 days181Large whitish lesion was observed on the undersurface of the tongue, difficulty in feedingNeonatal tooth was smoothened to eliminate the sharp traumatizing edges followed by extraction teeth

Data from 19 to 34 is adapted from [64].