Journal of Applied Mathematics The latest articles from Hindawi Publishing Corporation © 2014 , Hindawi Publishing Corporation . All rights reserved. On an Iterative Method for Finding a Zero to the Sum of Two Maximal Monotone Operators Thu, 21 Aug 2014 11:28:06 +0000 In this paper we consider a problem that consists of finding a zero to the sum of two monotone operators. One method for solving such a problem is the forward-backward splitting method. We present some new conditions that guarantee the weak convergence of the forward-backward method. Applications of these results, including variational inequalities and gradient projection algorithms, are also considered. Hongwei Jiao and Fenghui Wang Copyright © 2014 Hongwei Jiao and Fenghui Wang. All rights reserved. The Smarandache Curves on and Its Duality on Thu, 21 Aug 2014 09:05:20 +0000 We introduce special Smarandache curves based on Sabban frame on and we investigate geodesic curvatures of Smarandache curves on de Sitter and hyperbolic spaces. The existence of duality between Smarandache curves on de Sitter space and Smarandache curves on hyperbolic space is shown. Furthermore, we give examples of our main results. Atakan Tuğkan Yakut, Murat Savaş, and Tuğba Tamirci Copyright © 2014 Atakan Tuğkan Yakut et al. All rights reserved. Fractal Image Coding Based on a Fitting Surface Thu, 21 Aug 2014 08:40:54 +0000 A no-search fractal image coding method based on a fitting surface is proposed. In our research, an improved gray-level transform with a fitting surface is introduced. One advantage of this method is that the fitting surface is used for both the range and domain blocks and one set of parameters can be saved. Another advantage is that the fitting surface can approximate the range and domain blocks better than the previous fitting planes; this can result in smaller block matching errors and better decoded image quality. Since the no-search and quadtree techniques are adopted, smaller matching errors also imply less number of blocks matching which results in a faster encoding process. Moreover, by combining all the fitting surfaces, a fitting surface image (FSI) is also proposed to speed up the fractal decoding. Experiments show that our proposed method can yield superior performance over the other three methods. Relative to range-averaged image, FSI can provide faster fractal decoding process. Finally, by combining the proposed fractal coding method with JPEG, a hybrid coding method is designed which can provide higher PSNR than JPEG while maintaining the same Bpp. Sheng Bi and Qiang Wang Copyright © 2014 Sheng Bi and Qiang Wang. All rights reserved. 3D Road Scene Monitoring Based on Real-Time Panorama Thu, 21 Aug 2014 08:39:31 +0000 Road monitoring helps to control the regional traffic situation so as to adjust the traffic flow. Real-time panorama is conducive to timely treat traffic accidents and to greatly improve traffic capacity. This paper designs a 3D road scene monitoring framework based on real-time panorama. The system is the combination of large scale panorama, satellite map textures, and 3D scene model, in which users can ramble freely. This paper has the following contributions. Firstly, land-points were extracted followed by motion detection, then comotion algorithm was applied to land-points from adjacent cameras, and homography matrix was constructed. Secondly, reference camera was chosen and transformed to overhead viewpoint; subsequently multiviews were morphed to the same viewpoint and stitched to panorama. Finally, the registration based on high-precision GPS information between 2D road panorama and 3D scene model was also proposed. The proposed framework has been successfully applied to a large road intersection monitoring. Experimental results are furnished at the end of the paper. Yuezhou Wu, Changjiang Liu, Shiyong Lan, and Menglong Yang Copyright © 2014 Yuezhou Wu et al. All rights reserved. Composite Differential Search Algorithm Thu, 21 Aug 2014 07:49:22 +0000 Differential search algorithm (DS) is a relatively new evolutionary algorithm inspired by the Brownian-like random-walk movement which is used by an organism to migrate. It has been verified to be more effective than ABC, JDE, JADE, SADE, EPSDE, GSA, PSO2011, and CMA-ES. In this paper, we propose four improved solution search algorithms, namely “DS/rand/1,” “DS/rand/2,” “DS/current to rand/1,” and “DS/current to rand/2” to search the new space and enhance the convergence rate for the global optimization problem. In order to verify the performance of different solution search methods, 23 benchmark functions are employed. Experimental results indicate that the proposed algorithm performs better than, or at least comparable to, the original algorithm when considering the quality of the solution obtained. However, these schemes cannot still achieve the best solution for all functions. In order to further enhance the convergence rate and the diversity of the algorithm, a composite differential search algorithm (CDS) is proposed in this paper. This new algorithm combines three new proposed search schemes including “DS/rand/1,” “DS/rand/2,” and “DS/current to rand/1” with three control parameters using a random method to generate the offspring. Experiment results show that CDS has a faster convergence rate and better search ability based on the 23 benchmark functions. Bo Liu Copyright © 2014 Bo Liu. All rights reserved. Energy Losses and Voltage Stability Study in Distribution Network with Distributed Generation Thu, 21 Aug 2014 07:42:53 +0000 With the distributed generation technology widely applied, some system problems such as overvoltages and undervoltages are gradually remarkable, which are caused by distributed generations like wind energy system (WES) and photovoltaic system (PVS) because of their probabilistic output power which relied on natural conditions. Since the impacts of WES and PVS are important in the distribution system voltage quality, we study these in this paper using new models with the probability density function of node voltage and the cumulative distribution function of total losses. We apply these models to solve the IEEE33 distribution system to be chosen in IEEE standard database. We compare our method with the Monte Carlo simulation method in three different cases, respectively. In the three cases, these results not only can provide the important reference information for the next stage optimization design, system reliability, and safety analysis but also can reduce amount of calculation. Hongwei Ren, Congying Han, Tiande Guo, and Wei Pei Copyright © 2014 Hongwei Ren et al. All rights reserved. Valuation of Credit Derivatives with Multiple Time Scales in the Intensity Model Thu, 21 Aug 2014 06:59:23 +0000 We propose approximate solutions for pricing zero-coupon defaultable bonds, credit default swap rates, and bond options based on the averaging principle of stochastic differential equations. We consider the intensity-based defaultable bond, where the volatility of the default intensity is driven by multiple time scales. Small corrections are computed using regular and singular perturbations to the intensity of default. The effectiveness of these corrections is tested on the bond price and yield curve by investigating the behavior of the time scales with respect to the relevant parameters. Beom Jin Kim, Chan Yeol Park, and Yong-Ki Ma Copyright © 2014 Beom Jin Kim et al. All rights reserved. Lossless Join Decomposition for Extended Possibility-Based Fuzzy Relational Databases Thu, 21 Aug 2014 05:33:55 +0000 Functional dependency is the basis of database normalization. Various types of fuzzy functional dependencies have been proposed for fuzzy relational database and applied to the process of database normalization. However, the problem of achieving lossless join decomposition occurs when employing the fuzzy functional dependencies to database normalization in an extended possibility-based fuzzy data models. To resolve the problem, this study defined fuzzy functional dependency based on a notion of approximate equality for extended possibility-based fuzzy relational databases. Examples show that the notion is more applicable than other similarity concept to the research related to the extended possibility-based data model. We provide a decomposition method of using the proposed fuzzy functional dependency for database normalization and prove the lossless join property of the decomposition method. Julie Yu-Chih Liu Copyright © 2014 Julie Yu-Chih Liu. All rights reserved. Expansions of Functions Based on Rational Orthogonal Basis with Nonnegative Instantaneous Frequencies Thu, 21 Aug 2014 00:00:00 +0000 We consider in this paper expansions of functions based on the rational orthogonal basis for the space of square integrable functions. The basis functions have nonnegative instantaneous frequencies so that the expansions make physical sense. We discuss the almost everywhere convergence of the expansions and develop a fast algorithm for computing the coefficients arising in the expansions by combining the characterization of the coefficients with the fast Fourier transform. Xiaona Cui and Suxia Yao Copyright © 2014 Xiaona Cui and Suxia Yao. All rights reserved. Secure Collaborative Key Management for Dynamic Groups in Mobile Networks Thu, 21 Aug 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Mobile networks are composed of heterogeneous mobile devices with peer-to-peer wireless communication. Their dynamic and self-organizing natures pose security challenge. We consider secure group key management for peer dynamic groups in mobile wireless networks. Many group based applications have achieved remarkable growth along with increasing use of multicast based services. The key sharing among the group members is an important issue for secure group communication because the communication for many participants implies that the likelihood of illegal overhearing increases. We propose a group key sharing scheme and efficient rekeying methods for frequent membership changes from network dynamics. The proposed method enables the group members to simply establish a group key and provide high flexibility for dynamic group changes such as member join or leave and group merging or partition. We conduct mathematical evaluation with other group key management protocols and finally prove its security by demonstrating group key secrecy, backward and forward secrecy, key independence, and implicit key authentication under the decisional Diffie-Hellman (DDH) assumption. Sukin Kang, Cheongmin Ji, and Manpyo Hong Copyright © 2014 Sukin Kang et al. All rights reserved. The Model of Distributor Chain Financing Based on Buy Back Guarantee Contract Wed, 20 Aug 2014 10:31:16 +0000 This paper considers the strategy employed by a buy back guarantee contract with a capital-constrained distributor and a core enterprise. The distributor faces a nonnegative random demand, and the core enterprise applies buy back guarantee contract in order to interact with the capital-constrained distributor. Mathematical model is built to get the optimal ordering quantity of the distributor and the optimal wholesale price of the core enterprise. Then sensitivity analysis of optimal ordering quantity is obtained about the wholesale price, the initial funds, and the salvage of the product. On that basis, the comparison is made between two financing modes—trade credit contract and buy back guarantee contract. In the end, a numerical analysis is illustrated. The results show that the different financing modes bring the different expected profits to supply chain system with the different initial funds, finding that the financing modes, buy back guarantee contract discussed in the paper, can create more value for supply chain system than trade credit contract. Jian-xin Chen and Jia-yin Chen Copyright © 2014 Jian-xin Chen and Jia-yin Chen. All rights reserved. A Hybrid Subgradient Algorithm for Finding a Common Solution of an Equilibrium Problem and a Family of Strict Pseudocontraction Mappings Wed, 20 Aug 2014 09:16:09 +0000 We propose a new strongly convergent algorithm for finding a common point in the solution set of a class of pseudomonotone equilibrium problems and the set of common fixed points of a family of strict pseudocontraction mappings in a real Hilbert space. The strong convergence theorem of proposed algorithms is investigated without the Lipschitz condition for the bifunctions. Our results complement many known recent results in the literature. Ekkarath Thailert, Rabian Wangkeeree, and Chanoksuda Khantree Copyright © 2014 Ekkarath Thailert et al. All rights reserved. MRILDU: An Improvement to ILUT Based on Incomplete LDU Factorization and Dropping in Multiple Rows Wed, 20 Aug 2014 06:46:51 +0000 We provide an improvement MRILDU to ILUT for general sparse linear systems in the paper. The improvement is based on the consideration that relatively large elements should be kept down as much as possible. To do so, two schemes are used. Firstly, incomplete LDU factorization is used instead of incomplete LU. Besides, multiple rows are computed at a time, and then dropping is applied to these rows to extract the relatively large elements in magnitude. Incomplete LDU is not only fairer when there are large differences between the elements of factors L and U, but also more natural for the latter dropping in multiple rows. And the dropping in multiple rows is more profitable, for there may be large differences between elements in different rows in each factor. The provided MRILDU is comparable to ILUT in storage requirement and computational complexity. And the experiments for spare linear systems from UF Sparse Matrix Collection, inertial constrained fusion simulation, numerical weather prediction, and concrete sample simulation show that it is more effective than ILUT in most cases and is not as sensitive as ILUT to the parameter p, the maximum number of nonzeros allowed in each row of a factor. Jian-Ping Wu and Huai-Fa Ma Copyright © 2014 Jian-Ping Wu and Huai-Fa Ma. All rights reserved. A Strategic Planning Methodology for the Multimodal Transportation Systems: A Case Study from Turkey Tue, 19 Aug 2014 13:13:32 +0000 Transportation costs have an important effect on companies’ competition capability in various sectors. To realize a positive effect, transportation industry should provide some specific performance criteria related with the economical efficiency and service quality. Also an increase in this performance degree depends on the obtaining optimum results of using the logistical resources in a convenient manner by the specialized logistics service providers. In this study, considering the effects of transportation modes on constituting a methodology that is interested in a strategic subject like constructing a transportation network is emphasized. In the process of selecting the most convenient transportation modes, all the required criteria are determined considering the related literature and the opinions of the experts. Then the analytical network process methodology is used to solve this selection problem. The close relationship between the transportation modes that will be used among the points in the network and the points that will be used for short storages and transshipment activities is considered. And the analytical network process is again used to select the most convenient ones among the alternative port locations. After decision making on these two important points, optimizing the freight flow among the supply chain by choosing the right transportation modes at each stage is aimed. To realize that optimization, the aims of decision makers from different levels or from different functional areas are satisfied by using the multilevel programming technique. Finally, the proposed methodology is applied on a transportation project of a logistic service provider, which gives service in a multimodal, multicommodity, multilevel and multiechelon transportation network. Umut R. Tuzkaya, Semih Onut, and Gulfem Tuzkaya Copyright © 2014 Umut R. Tuzkaya et al. All rights reserved. Explicit Scheme for Fixed Point Problem for Nonexpansive Semigroup and Split Equilibrium Problem in Hilbert Space Tue, 19 Aug 2014 11:00:40 +0000 We establish an iterative method for finding a common element of the set of fixed points of nonexpansive semigroup and the set of split equilibrium problems. Under suitable conditions, some strong convergence theorems are proved. Our works improve previous results for nonexpansive semigroup. Pei Zhou and Gou-Jie Zhao Copyright © 2014 Pei Zhou and Gou-Jie Zhao. All rights reserved. Capacity Expansion and Reliability Evaluation on the Networks Flows with Continuous Stochastic Functional Capacity Tue, 19 Aug 2014 08:41:24 +0000 In many systems such as computer network, fuel distribution, and transportation system, it is necessary to change the capacity of some arcs in order to increase maximum flow value from source s to sink t, while the capacity change incurs minimum cost. In real-time networks, some factors cause loss of arc’s flow. For example, in some flow distribution systems, evaporation, erosion or sediment in pipes waste the flow. Here we define a real capacity, or the so-called functional capacity, which is the operational capacity of an arc. In other words, the functional capacity of an arc equals the possible maximum flow that may pass through the arc. Increasing the functional arcs capacities incurs some cost. There is a certain resource available to cover the costs. First, we construct a mathematical model to minimize the total cost of expanding the functional capacities to the required levels. Then, we consider the loss of flow on each arc as a stochastic variable and compute the system reliability. F. Hamzezadeh and H. Salehi Fathabadi Copyright © 2014 F. Hamzezadeh and H. Salehi Fathabadi. All rights reserved. Relational Demonic Fuzzy Refinement Tue, 19 Aug 2014 05:55:05 +0000 We use relational algebra to define a refinement fuzzy order called demonic fuzzy refinement and also the associated fuzzy operators which are fuzzy demonic join , fuzzy demonic meet , and fuzzy demonic composition . Our definitions and properties are illustrated by some examples using mathematica software (fuzzy logic). Fairouz Tchier Copyright © 2014 Fairouz Tchier. All rights reserved. Modeling and Implementing Two-Stage AdaBoost for Real-Time Vehicle License Plate Detection Mon, 18 Aug 2014 09:13:56 +0000 License plate (LP) detection is the most imperative part of the automatic LP recognition system. In previous years, different methods, techniques, and algorithms have been developed for LP detection (LPD) systems. This paper proposes to automatical detection of car LPs via image processing techniques based on classifier or machine learning algorithms. In this paper, we propose a real-time and robust method for LPD systems using the two-stage adaptive boosting (AdaBoost) algorithm combined with different image preprocessing techniques. Haar-like features are used to compute and select features from LP images. The AdaBoost algorithm is used to classify parts of an image within a search window by a trained strong classifier as either LP or non-LP. Adaptive thresholding is used for the image preprocessing method applied to those images that are of insufficient quality for LPD. This method is of a faster speed and higher accuracy than most of the existing methods used in LPD. Experimental results demonstrate that the average LPD rate is 98.38% and the computational time is approximately 49 ms. Moon Kyou Song and Md. Mostafa Kamal Sarker Copyright © 2014 Moon Kyou Song and Md. Mostafa Kamal Sarker. All rights reserved. Bifurcation of a Microelectromechanical Nonlinear Coupling System with Delay Feedback Mon, 18 Aug 2014 09:03:01 +0000 The dynamics of a kind of electromechanical coupling deformable micromirror device torsion micromirror with delay are investigated. Based on the distribution of eigenvalues, we prove that a sequence of Hopf bifurcation occurs at the equilibrium as the delay increases and obtain the critical values of Hopf bifurcation. Explicit algorithms for determining the direction of the Hopf bifurcation and the stability of the bifurcating periodic solutions are derived, using the theories of normal form and center manifold. Yanqiu Li, Wei Duan, Shujian Ma, and Pengfei Li Copyright © 2014 Yanqiu Li et al. All rights reserved. A Class of Estimators for Finite Population Mean in Double Sampling under Nonresponse Using Fractional Raw Moments Mon, 18 Aug 2014 08:20:01 +0000 This paper presents new classes of estimators in estimating the finite population mean under double sampling in the presence of nonresponse when using information on fractional raw moments. The expressions for mean square error of the proposed classes of estimators are derived up to the first degree of approximation. It is shown that a proposed class of estimators performs better than the usual mean estimator, ratio type estimators, and Singh and Kumar (2009) estimator. An empirical study is carried out to demonstrate the performance of a proposed class of estimators. Manzoor Khan, Javid Shabbir, Zawar Hussain, and Bander Al-Zahrani Copyright © 2014 Manzoor Khan et al. All rights reserved. A Novel Approach for Solving Semidefinite Programs Mon, 18 Aug 2014 06:54:50 +0000 A novel linearizing alternating direction augmented Lagrangian approach is proposed for effectively solving semidefinite programs (SDP). For every iteration, by fixing the other variables, the proposed approach alternatively optimizes the dual variables and the dual slack variables; then the primal variables, that is, Lagrange multipliers, are updated. In addition, the proposed approach renews all the variables in closed forms without solving any system of linear equations. Global convergence of the proposed approach is proved under mild conditions, and two numerical problems are given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the presented approach. Hong-Wei Jiao, Ya-Kui Huang, and Jing Chen Copyright © 2014 Hong-Wei Jiao et al. All rights reserved. Optimization of Process Parameters of Stamping Forming of the Automotive Lower Floor Board Mon, 18 Aug 2014 06:32:14 +0000 There are many process parameters which have great effect on the forming quality of parts during automobile panel stamping forming process. This paper took automotive lower floor board as the research object; the forming process was analyzed by finite element simulation using Dynaform. The influences of four main process parameters including BHF (blank holder force), die corner radius, friction coefficient, and die clearance on the maximum thinning rate and the maximum thickening rate were researched based on orthogonal experiment. The results show that the influences of each value of various factors on the target are not identical. On this basis, the optimization of the four parameters was carried out, and the high quality product was obtained and the maximum thinning rate and maximum thickening rate were effectively controlled. The results also show that the simulation analysis provides the basis for the optimization of the forming process parameters, and it can greatly shorten the die manufacturing cycles, reduce the production costs, and improve the production efficiency. Guoying Ma and Binbing Huang Copyright © 2014 Guoying Ma and Binbing Huang. All rights reserved. A Generalized -Grüss Inequality Involving the Riemann-Liouville Fractional -Integrals Sun, 17 Aug 2014 12:52:09 +0000 The aim of this paper is to establish -extension of the Grüss type integral inequality related to the integrable functions whose bounds are four integrable functions, involving Riemann-Liouville fractional -integral operators. The results given earlier by Zhu et al. (2012) and Tariboon et al. (2014) follow the special cases of our findings. Aydin Secer, S. D. Purohit, K. A. Selvakumaran, and Mustafa Bayram Copyright © 2014 Aydin Secer et al. All rights reserved. Reduction of Multidimensional Image Characteristics Based on Improved KICA Sun, 17 Aug 2014 12:32:37 +0000 The domestic and overseas studies of redundant multifeatures and noise in dimension reduction are insufficient, and the efficiency and accuracy are low. Dimensionality reduction and optimization of characteristic parameter model based on improved kernel independent component analysis are proposed in this paper; the independent primitives are obtained by KICA (kernel independent component analysis) algorithm to construct an independent group subspace, while using 2DPCA (2D principal component analysis) algorithm to complete the second order related to data and further reduce the dimension in the above method. Meanwhile, the optimization effect evaluation method based on Amari error and average correlation degree is presented in this paper. Comparative simulation experiments show that the Amari error is less than 6%, the average correlation degree is stable at 97% or more, and the parameter optimization method can effectively reduce the dimension of multidimensional characteristic parameters. Jia Dongyao, Ai Yanke, and Zou Shengxiong Copyright © 2014 Jia Dongyao et al. All rights reserved. Real-Time Ship Motion Prediction Based on Time Delay Wavelet Neural Network Sun, 17 Aug 2014 12:31:34 +0000 A wavelet neural network with time delay is proposed based on nonlinear autoregressive model with exogenous inputs (NARMAX) model, and the sensitivity method is applied in the selection of network inputs. The inclusion of delayed system information improves the network’s capability of representing the dynamic changes of time-varying systems. The implement of sensitivity analysis reduces the dimension of input as well as the dimension of networks, thus improving its generalization ability. The time delay wavelet neural network was implemented to real-time ship motion prediction, simulations are conducted based on the measured data of vessel “YUKUN,” and the results demonstrate that the feasibility of the proposed method. Wenjun Zhang and Zhengjiang Liu Copyright © 2014 Wenjun Zhang and Zhengjiang Liu. All rights reserved. Existence of Sign-Changing Solutions to Equations Involving the One-Dimensional -Laplacian Sun, 17 Aug 2014 11:38:21 +0000 We consider the equations involving the one-dimensional -Laplacian   , and where and . We show the existence of sign-changing solutions under the assumptions and . We also show that has exactly one solution having specified nodal properties for for some . Our main results are based on quadrature method. Ruyun Ma and Lingfang Jiang Copyright © 2014 Ruyun Ma and Lingfang Jiang. All rights reserved. Applications of Schauder’s Fixed Point Theorem to Semipositone Singular Differential Equations Sun, 17 Aug 2014 11:06:09 +0000 We study the existence of positive periodic solutions of second-order singular differential equations. The proof relies on Schauder’s fixed point theorem. Our results generalized and extended those results contained in the studies by Chu and Torres (2007) and Torres (2007) . In some suitable weak singularities, the existence of periodic solutions may help. Zhongwei Cao, Chengjun Yuan, and Xiuling Li Copyright © 2014 Zhongwei Cao et al. All rights reserved. Kinetics for Reduction of Iron Ore Based on the Phase Space Reconstruction Sun, 17 Aug 2014 08:11:13 +0000 A series of smelting reduction experiments has been carried out with high-phosphorus iron ore of the different bases and heating rates by thermogravimetric analyzer. The derivative thermo gravimetric (DTG) data have been obtained from the experiments. After analyzing its phase space reconstruction, it is found that DTG phase portrait contains with a clear double “” attractor characteristic by one-order delay. The statistical properties of the attractor inside and outside the double “” structures are characterized with interface chemical reaction control and diffusion control stage in dynamic smelting process, respectively; the results are deserved to be a reference value on understanding of the mechanism and optimization and control of the process in smelting reduction of high-phosphorus iron ore. Guo-Feng Fan, Li-Ling Peng, Wei-Chiang Hong, and Fan Sun Copyright © 2014 Guo-Feng Fan et al. All rights reserved. The Beta-Lindley Distribution: Properties and Applications Sun, 17 Aug 2014 00:00:00 +0000 We introduce the new continuous distribution, the so-called beta-Lindley distribution that extends the Lindley distribution. We provide a comprehensive mathematical treatment of this distribution. We derive the moment generating function and the rth moment thus, generalizing some results in the literature. Expressions for the density, moment generating function, and rth moment of the order statistics also are obtained. Further, we also discuss estimation of the unknown model parameters in both classical and Bayesian setup. The usefulness of the new model is illustrated by means of two real data sets. We hope that the new distribution proposed here will serve as an alternative model to other models available in the literature for modelling positive real data in many areas. Faton Merovci and Vikas Kumar Sharma Copyright © 2014 Faton Merovci and Vikas Kumar Sharma. All rights reserved. Reservoir Characterization during Underbalanced Drilling of Horizontal Wells Based on Real-Time Data Monitoring Sun, 17 Aug 2014 00:00:00 +0000 In this work, a methodology for characterizing reservoir pore pressure and permeability during underbalanced drilling of horizontal wells was presented. The methodology utilizes a transient multiphase wellbore flow model that is extended with a transient well influx analytical model during underbalanced drilling of horizontal wells. The effects of the density behavior of drilling fluid and wellbore heat transfer are considered in our wellbore flow model. Based on Kneissl’s methodology, an improved method with a different testing procedure was used to estimate the reservoir pore pressure by introducing fluctuations in the bottom hole pressure. To acquire timely basic data for reservoir characterization, a dedicated fully automated control real-time data monitoring system was established. The methodology is applied to a realistic case, and the results indicate that the estimated reservoir pore pressure and permeability fit well to the truth values from well test after drilling. The results also show that the real-time data monitoring system is operational and can provide accurate and complete data set in real time for reservoir characterization. The methodology can handle reservoir characterization during underbalanced drilling of horizontal wells. Gao Li, Hongtao Li, Yingfeng Meng, Na Wei, Chaoyang Xu, Li Zhu, and Haibo Tang Copyright © 2014 Gao Li et al. All rights reserved.