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Diabetes and Malnutrition

Call for Papers

Elevated malnutrition risk has been identified in approximately 40% of adults hospitalized in internal medicine departments and 50% in hospitalized patients aged 75 years and older. Recent studies have indicated that diabetes complications almost double the risk for malnutrition among the elderly hospitalized. An understanding of the association between diabetes, malnutrition, and outcomes will ultimately lead to improved patient care.

We invite investigators to contribute original research articles and review articles that contribute to the growing body of knowledge on diabetes, malnutrition, and their effect on outcomes. While we are especially interested in human studies, we will also consider animal studies designed to explain mechanisms underlying these associations.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Malnutrition risk prevalence estimates in populations of diabetic individuals
  • The impact of micro- and macrovascular diabetes complications on malnutrition risk
  • The role of inflammation and/or oxidative stress in malnutrition in individuals with diabetes
  • The interaction between overweight/obesity and malnutrition in patients with diabetes
  • Interventions to prevent/treat malnutrition in individuals with diabetes

Before submission authors are encouraged to carefully read over the journal's Author Guidelines, which are located at http://www.hindawi.com/journals/jdr/guidelines/. Prospective authors should submit an electronic copy of their complete manuscript through the journal Manuscript Tracking System at http://mts.hindawi.com/submit/journals/jdr/dima/ according to the following timetable:

Manuscript DueFriday, 18 April 2014
First Round of ReviewsFriday, 11 July 2014
Publication DateFriday, 5 September 2014

Lead Guest Editor

  • Mona Boaz, Epidemiology and Research Unit, E. Wolfson Medical Center, 58100 holon, and Ariel University, 40700 Ariel, Israel

Guest Editors

  • Julio Wainstein, Diabetes Unit, E. Wolfon Medical Center, 58100 Holon, Israel
  • Eyal Leibovitz, Bariatric Clinic, E. Wolfson Medical Center, 58100 Holon, Israel
  • Luigi Iuliano, Department of Medico-Surgical Sciences and Biotechnology, Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine, Sapienza University of Rome, 00185 Rome, Italy