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Energy Harvesting System: Portable Devices and Their Optimization

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Undesired energy consumption always causes cost increase, yield loss, harmful byproducts, and limited technology progress, so it hinders the promotion for high-performance modern microscale techniques in contemporary semiconductor industries. Improvements of efficiencies of energy usage and harvest are nowadays two viable routes to overcome the dilemmas. Several physically facilitating researches, such as power inductors with anisotropy magnetic cores, magnetic vibration energy harvesters, electromechanical energy storage, had been proposed and reveal relevant methods for efficient energy harvest and storage. Therefore, in this special issue, we are interested in the articles that reveal the theoretical models and simulations, advanced fabrications and materials, optimization strategies and algorithms for state-of-the-art portable energy harvesting system and devices. For portable devices, the way of optimizing and minimizing the energy consumption based on high computational requirement should be taken into account. The efficiency of power consumption is also a significant issue in the design stage of energy devices. Since one of the technical challenges in cost reduction and performance boost for portable electronic applications is to effectively reduce the area occupation of passive components, miniaturization should be another critical technique in the relevant fields. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Theoretical models and/or CAD methodologies of portable devices in terms of electromechanical characteristics, material properties, physical configurations, and so forth
  • System optimization achieved by excellent algorithm and/or physical structure improvement of managing subcomponents within given portable devices
  • Prevention of energy dissipation during device execution, including the prediction of energy leakage
  • Recycling usage of the wasted energy during device execution
  • Design in a diversified energy system (e.g., a system with battery, direct current, solar cell, etc.) with excellent algorithm of optimizing the efficiency among energy sources
  • Interdisciplinary integration, such as biomimetic structures, bioenergy, and electrochemical actions
  • Other emerging technologies for designs of innovative power source/energy storage devices

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