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Innate Cells Modulation and Function: Contribution to Inflammation and Host Defense

Call for Papers

The innate immune system represents a barrier that protects us from the external environment by preventing the colonization of most pathogens. It is an integral part of the airways, gut, and skin. The source of infection is detected by pattern recognition receptors (RRP) expressed by innate cells that recognized molecular patterns on pathogens (PAMPS) or signs of damage (DAMPS). This leads to induce a local inflammatory response, which can be concentrated at the site of infection, humoral and cellular components, efficient often to eliminate the pathogen or prevent it from dispersion until it develops adaptive immunity.

Dendritic cells are the link between innate and adaptive immune responses. In fact, after the peripheral uptake of pathogen, they are the only ones with the ability to activate naive T lymphocytes in different effector profiles (Th1, Th2, Th17, and Tfh) or regulatory T cells. The integration of the variety of different stimuli from allergens, pathogens, environmental signals, and the innate cells themselves is translated into signals that affect the nature of immune response.

For this special issue, the topics should reflect advances in the impact of innate cells on the development of the inflammatory response particularly associated to pathologies such as asthma and chronic intestinal disorders among others. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Role of γδ T lymphocytes and NKT cells in peripheral inflammation
  • Innate cells as modulators of immune responses
  • Alternative therapies or vaccines to ameliorate inflammatory disorders
  • Lung inflammation
  • Type I IFNs on antiviral defence

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Lead Guest Editor

  • Mónica Vermeulen, APC and Inflammation Laboratory, IMEX-National Academy of Medicine, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Guest Editors

  • Carolina Jancic, Innate Immunity Department, National Academy of Medicine, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Gabriela Salamone, IMEX-CONICET, University of Medicine, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Mario Clerici, Department of Biomedical Sciences and Technologies, University of Milan, Milan, Italy