Figure 1: Effect of adrenomedullin (AM) on histological alterations and on PMN infiltration in the lung. Lung sections taken from CAR-treated mice treated with vehicle demonstrated edema, tissue injury (b, d), as well as infiltration of the tissue with neutrophils (b). CAR-treated animals treated with AM (c) demonstrated reduced lung injury and neutrophil infiltration in a dose-dependent manner. Section from sham animals showed the normal architecture of the lung tissue (a). The histological score (d) was made by an independent observer. MPO activity, index of PMN infiltration, was significantly elevated at 4 h after CAR administration in vehicle-treated mice (e), if compared with sham mice (e). AM significantly reduced MPO activity in the lung in a dose-dependent manner (e). The figure is representative of at least 3 experiments performed on different experimental days. Data are expressed as mean ± s.e.m. from mice for each group. versus sham group. versus CAR.