Table 4: Changes in the density of samples (g/cm3) after each deformation stage for the EP-aerosil composites.

CompositeExtrusion compression schemeCompression-extrusion scheme
𝜃 i n i t 𝑐 𝜃 𝑒 𝑐 𝜃 𝑐 𝑐 𝜃 r e c 𝑐 𝜃 i n i t 𝑐 𝜃 𝑐 𝑐 𝜃 𝑒 𝑐 𝜃 r e c 𝑐

EP-10 wt.% A-1751.1291.1681.1711.1371.1341.1791.1751.142
EP-10 wt.% A-3001.1411.1841.1901.1441.1431.1941.1891.148
EP-10 wt.% A-3801.1791.2291.2351.1821.1811.2401.2341.185