Table 4: Fraction of radioactivity release from core to containment in the case of LBU fuel (NUREG 1465, 1995 and SAND 7697, 2007, or [6, 16]).

Fission product categoryFraction LBU***Fraction HBU***Notes*

Noble gases1.01.0
Halogens0.910.55Lower value (factor 1.5)
Alkali Metals0.310.27Higher value (factor 2)
Barium-Strontium0.060.07Higher value (factor 4.5)
Noble Metals**0.070.055Lower value (factor 6)
Lanthanides**0.000210.0012 Higher value (factor 25)

* Calculated in [16], and related to LBU. **There is no gap-release. ***“Decontamination factor”.