Table 7: Conjectural, hypothetical, conservative, and realistic radiological impact on environment of the Fukushima event.

Scenario No.TypeRelease (TBq)Notes

IConjectural2.37e8Physical limit—Table 3
IIConjectural0.30e8Theoretical limit—Table 6
III*Hypothetical0.21e8Theoretical limit w/o Noble Gases


IV*Conservative4.5e58.3e51.3e6Assumptions (A) to (E) in text
V*Realistic18.03.7e43.7e4Mitigation factors (1) to (4) in text

*Without Noble Gases. Total amount of radioactivity associated with Noble Gases in Fukushima NPP, Units 1 to 4, is 9.37e6 TBq (from Tables 3 and 6).