Dan V. Mourich

AVI BioPharma, USA

Dan V. Mourich has research activities that encompass objectives of understanding and manipulating immune modulation to employ therapeutic approaches for infectious disease or immune disorders. The technological focus is based on antisense strategies designed to inhibit protein expression via steric blockade of translation or alteration of pre-mRNA splicing to promote a desirable function of the targeted protein. During postdoctoral activities, he worked on characterizing genetics HIV-host/pathogen interactions as well as designing, construction, and testing of DNA- and virus-vector-based vaccine that incorporated the use of immune modulation strategies to increase vaccine immunogenicity. While being engaged in research, Mourich also participated in the training of predoctoral candidates and gave formal instruction to medical students in courses of clinical immunology and special topics of immunology. As the Director of Infectious Disease and Immunology at AVI, he directs the efforts of Ph.D. scientists and technicians towards the development of antiviral/antibacterial drug development and discovery in conjunction with exploiting the proprietary technology to address aspects of immunological concerns. Additionally, he facilitates the collaborative efforts for infectious disease research conducted at AVI with OSU, USAMRIID, and Tulane University and Southwest Texas University. His group’s recent activities have focused on manipulating T-cell responses in mouse models for hypersensitivity and autoimmune diabetes. Mourich currently serves as a Graduate Research Advisor and Adjunct Professor Lecturer for Oregon State University in the Departments of Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology. His role has been to train and advise predoctoral students in their studies dealing with aspects of immunology and collaborate in the efforts of characterizing immune-modulatory effects of specific environmental contaminants.

Biography Updated on 15 January 2012

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