Jan Sileny

The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic


Jan Sileny – BSc (Physics), MSc (Geophysics), PhD (Seismology) Senior Researcher and Head of Dept. of Seismology Institute of Geophysics, Academy of Sciences, Czech Rep. Jan Sileny graduated at Charles University in Prague, got his PhD in the Geophysical Institute of Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, spent three years as a researcher in the Institute of Geology and Geotechnology of this Academy, and since then – for 25+ years – has been working in its Institute of Geophysics. Through his career he has been dealing with computational seismology, exploring seismic wave propagation, anisotropy in the lithosphere, and mainly modeling seismic source. He designed several methods to invert seismic data into moment tensor and alternative source models, which have been applied both in earthquake seismology and to events induced by industrial activity. The constrained shear-tensile/implosion model is beneficial especially in deficient observational configurations like single-well monitoring of hydro-fracturing of oil/gas wells. Generalized source models (2nd degree moments, directivity extensions) allow, in addition to the traditional mechanism, estimate simple finite-extent source characteristics. J. Sileny has authored over sixty papers in international journals, which have been cited more than 400 times in geophysical journals and monographs.

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