Jason Pinkney

Ohio Northern University, USA

Jason Pinkney received his Ph.D. degree from New Mexico State University in 1995. His dissertation research involved measuring the dynamical state of clusters of galaxies using multifiber spectroscopy, imaging in the X-ray, radio, and visible parts of the spectrum. He worked briefly on measuring dust mass in cooling-flow dominant elliptical galaxies with the WFPC2 IDT. His most cited contribution from this time is his 1996 study of substructure diagnostics. Pinkney also held a postdoctoral fellowship with the "Nuker Team" starting in 1998. During this time, he worked on measuring black-hole masses in nearby ellipticals using stellar and gas kinematics. This led to the codiscovery of the black-hole mass—velocity dispersion relation. He presently works mostly on black-hole demography using gas kinematics. Pinkney is currently an Associate Professor at Ohio Northern University. Previous teaching appointments were at New Mexico State University, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV, USA, Concordia College (Moorhead), and University of Michigan.

Biography Updated on 10 January 2011

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