Chanchal Samanta

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, India

Chanchal Samanta finished the Ph.D. with the title “Direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide from hydrogen and oxygen,” from the National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), Pune, India. After one year, Samanta was a postdoctoral fellow at Sangmyung University, Seoul, South Korea, and at University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany. In South Korea, Samanta worked with Professor Kil Sang Chang on the research of catalytic decomposition of N2O and NOX over mixed metal oxide catalysts derived from hydrotalcite type precursors. In Germany, Samanta worked with Professor Roger Glaser on the research of selective oxidation of hydrocarbon to valuable intermediate. Currently, Samanta is working as a Deputy Manager at BPCL R&D, India, and contributed to the development of R&D infrastructure for synthesis, benchmarking and scaleup of various catalysts system for the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, and syngas to methanol/DME synthesis. Also, Samanta is currently serving as a Member of the Editorial Board of The Open Catalysis Journal and is the reviewer of various peer-reviewed catalysis journals. Samanta ’s research interests include heterogeneous catalyst (metal oxides, zeolites, perovskites, supported nanometer size noble metals, and hydrotalcites) preparation; characterization (XRD, in situ FTIR, TPD/TPR/TPO, XPS, HRTEM, ICP, surface area, Raman spectroscopy, etc.); gas- or liquid-phase reactions; on-line monitoring; scaleup of catalyst/reactor; design of high-throughput reactors, microreactors, and automation; catalyst scaleup using a spray dryer.

Biography Updated on 30 September 2012

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