Olga Ozoline

Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia


O. N. Ozoline was born in Vilyane, Latvia, in 1951. She received the Ph.D. and D.S. degrees in biophysics from the Institute of Biological Physics (IBP) of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1984) and Institute of Cell Biophysics (ICB) of Russian Academy of Sciences (2000), respectively. Since 2007, she has been a Professor of molecular biology. Dr. Ozoline started her academic career as a Junior Researcher in 1976 at the Laboratory of Physics of Enzyme Systems (headed by Professor M.V. Volkenstein). From 1986 till 1991, she was a Researcher at the same Lab; and from 1991 till 1998, a Senior Researcher at the Laboratory of Physico-Chemical Mechanisms of Genome Functioning (ICB RAS), Pushchino, Russia. From 2007 till present time, she has been the Head of the Laboratory of Functional Genomics and Cellular Stress. She was also a Visiting Professor at the National Institute of Japan (Laboratory of Professor A.Ishihama) from 1995 till 2001. Her main scientific interests lie in the areas of molecular mechanisms of gene expression and regulation in prokaryotes; the structural organization of the bacterial genome; computer modeling of the promoter sites; structure and functions of untranslated RNAs; and reconstruction of functional relationships within living cells. At present, she is also a Member of the Institute Scientific Councils on Molecular Biology and Biophysics, a Professor at the Pushchino State University, Russia, and a Member of the FEMS Microbiology Letters Editorial Board.

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