Devendra P S Rathore

Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research, India


D. P. S. Rathore was born in 1955. He obtained a Ph.D. degree in chemistry. He works as a Scientific Officer-in-Charge at the Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration & Research, Hyderabad, India. Rathore has expertise in the analysis of different geological materials such as rocks, core samples, leach liquors, feeds, soil, sediments, and others for uranium, major, minor, and trace elements by using classical and modern instrumental techniques. Dr. Rathore has served as Coordinator of the Mobile Geochemical Laboratory (MGCL) for hydrogeochemical reconnaissance surveys in field areas by carrying out analysis of uranium, cations, anions, and trace elements. As the officer-in-charge, he has set up new chemical laboratories of his directorate. His field of research interest/expertise is metal complexation, spectrophotometric determinations, metallochromic indicator synthesis, chelating polymeric resins, optical fluorimetry, laser-induced fluorimetry, and Geostandard certifications. Dr. Rathore has been actively involved in testing the response of laser fluorimeter fabricated by RRCAT, Department of Atomic Energy, Indore, India and has suggested improvements. One of his research papers published in Talanta (62, 343–349), in 2004, on the "Analytical applications of differential technique in laser-induced fluorimetry" (DT-LIF) for uranium exploration and processing industries has been cited as the most interesting paper published in other journals by the Journal of the Geological Society of India. Dr. Rathore was awarded merit scholarship after graduation and SRF from CSIR, New Delhi, India. He serves as a Life Member of Indian Chemical Society, Life Member of Indian Nuclear Society, and Life Member of Indian Society of Analytical Scientists. He is actively involved as Reviewer for Analytical Chemistry, Analytica Chimica Acta, Talanta, International Journal of Radiation Biology, International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Journal of Environmental Monitoring, and Journal of Indian Chemical Society. His publications have commendable citations per paper as per Scopus and Science Citation Index.

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